R & D cooperation

Technological innovation requires internal and external integration. In addition to internal self-development and innovation, it has established close cooperation with universities, research institutes and institutes, and has established a joint research center with the Northwest Institute of Plateau Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences; and the Third Military Medical University has cooperated. Research on a new class of drugs for biological products; cooperation with Sun Yat-sen University for research on production, education and research; and establishment of in-depth research institutes with Guangdong Medical University, Guangdong Pharmaceutical University, South China University of Technology, Shenyang Pharmaceutical University, and Tianjin Juxing Honghua. Technical cooperation relationship. In the areas of scientific research, personnel training, industrialized production, and infrastructure construction, we should give full play to their respective advantages, such as jointly undertaking science and technology projects, co-cultivating applied talents, jointly developing new products, new standard technologies, etc., and giving priority to the cooperation units. The achievement transformation and industrialization project construction will enhance the technical innovation capability of the cooperation unit and related industries, and take advantage of the complete disciplines and obvious regional characteristics, especially through the joint establishment of a key laboratory as a technology R&D platform, which can also better integrate resources. To achieve a close integration of "production, study and research".

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