Technical equipment

The existing 500-square-meter R&D laboratory consists of a liquid chamber, a test and analysis area, a stability laboratory, a small test room, a central control room, a mold room, a tablet room, a coating room, a dry particle room, and a temporary storage room. , mixed rooms and so on.

The laboratory has more than 60 instruments and equipment, 3.37 million yuan in fixed assets, equipped with high-performance liquid chromatographs such as Waters, Aglient and other well-known international manufacturers, multiple high performance liquid chromatographs, dissolution testers, ultraviolet spectrometers, and halogen-based rapid moisture. Tester, electronic balance, tap density tester, powder flow tester, dissolution sampling collection system, multi-functional stability test chamber, chilled water bath constant temperature shaker, centrifuge, coating machine, smashing sizing machine, rotary pressure Tablet machine, high-efficiency wet mixing granulator, fluidized bed, micro-flow mill, etc. A set of oral solid preparations and quality evaluation equipment.

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